Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year


Christmas has been and gone again, the prezzies have all been given and recieved and the turkey has all been eaten.We hope everyone has had a really good time and that 2009 brings everything we all want.

Finn and the cats had lots of really cool prezzies, although Tara true to form stayed out of the way until they were all opened andthen stalked in with disaproving look on her face! Finn's favorite prezzie was a cuddly Lapwing which is supposed to make a proper lapwing sound, although I've never heard one say 'Pickmeup aargh pickmeup'!

He also liked the treats to go in his Kong, although he prefers wizzy cream or pate

My son Scott, Laura his girlfriend, her mother and brother came to dinner Chrstmas day and Finn helped to pull the crakers although he thought the dinner looked more fun than wearing a silly hat!

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