Sunday, 29 June 2008

A Walk in Pengelli Forest

I can't help thinking how lucky we are to live in this area, as I've mentioned before Finn comes to work with me and on our way home we stop somewhere interesting for a walk, well I think he deserves a reward for looking after the car and I enjoy going to different places.I feel really sorry for those dogs who only get to do the same walk 3 times a day, day in day out. On Monday after work we went to Pengelli Forest, an ancient oakwood about 12 miles from us and quite near one of my farms.

We do a bit of 'nosework' along the way. I throw a stick into the undergrowth and hold him back for about 30 seconds then send him in to find it. He usually comes back with the right one, which I find quite impresive as I've only held it for a second or so. The only time he fails is if it lands where a fox has left it's scent.

After all this work he likes to cool off in the stream, because a walk isn't a walk unless it invlves water and mud!

And then a rest before going home for dinner.

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