Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Golden Valley Show

We were back at Top Barn Farm at worcester for the Golden Valley show this weekend. We had runs on both Saturday and Sunday this time and I was a bit worried it might be too much for Finn,but he coped really well. We left home at 3.30 on Friday afternoon and after stopping for a walk in the forestry at Halfway again we arrived about eight o'clock. After putting the tent up we had a run round the exercise field with Tansy, (the Australian Shepherd in the picture below). Then we had dinner and settled down for the night.
At 6.30 the next morning we were on the exercise field again making lots of new friends before breakfast of egg, bacon and sausage. Then it was course walking time. We had 3 classes on both days. The first 2 were a bit mad, but something clicked into place on the last run of the day and we ran as a team and only got the big E because the tunnel was just too much of a temptation after the weaving poles! The weather was brilliant if a bit hot for the dogs, but Finn kept cool by soaking his new bandanna in water. After dinner of rabbit stew, ( I've found the best way to ensure good weather is to take stew, it always rains when I take salad!), we went for a walk along the Severn Way and got back in time for the frog racing and bingo. I was a bit disappointed with the frogs, they were made of wood and attached to string!
The next day started with 2 billiant runs (for us) although we were still E'd. There is a really special feeling when you and your dog work as a team which makes all the hard wok worth it. The judge in the second class said 'What a lovely dog' when we finished! The last run didn't go quite as well although we did finish on a good note. WE should have had a video of one of the runs but the photographer couldn't work my camera!

Finn really earned his icecream! Our next show isn't for another month so we've got lots of time to practice those weaves.

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Mauser*Girl said...

It's so nice to see another Shepherd blogger who does things with their dog! :)