Monday, 3 November 2014

Sun sea and Bella. (And a bit of rain)

Yesterday after we had fed the horses we went on the cliff path and 'Hey mum we're going the wrong way' but we weren't. Instead of going home across Aberporth beach we went to Tresaith. The tide was out a bit more than last time we were there but not a lot. We saw the baby falling waters one end of the beach and the BIG falling waters the other end of the beach. Some one had left a fishing net spread out on the sand to catch fishes and unwary dogs but although I luv the water I is no dog fish and it wasn't about to catch me!
Then as we was walking back across the beach who is this coming on the beach. It's my furrend Bella. 'Hi Bella, come and play'.we had a great time playing in the water then it started to rain and we went back to Bella's place for water and noms (thank you Bella) and Bella's mum drove us home in her dogmobile.

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