Thursday, 4 September 2014


We had another adventure today. I knew something was going to happen when She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed started packing our lunch in the rucksack but we had to wait till almost lunch time before we could catch the bus. We had to get two buses again today and two other dogs got on after me, we all sat together at the front by the driver so we could tell him the way. We got very worried when we didn't get off at Poppit but I was going to the garden centre at Moylgrove and then on to the beach at Ceibwr and the others were going on to Newport.
There was a big scarecrow made of flowerpots telling us when to get off and pointing the way. There was a big festival of scarecrows a few weeks ago and there was a trail to follow to see all the scarecrows but we didn't have time to see how many were still about.
She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed wanted to get some bulbs for the garden in the garden centre before we went on our walk. I was allowed to go in with her and said hello to the dogs who live there. It's a very dog friendly place and they've made a walk through the woods down to the beach where we stopped for noms.
After we had our lunch we carried on to the top of the cliffs before we made our way back along the woodland walk to Moylgrove to catch the bus and guess what, my one of my friends I met on the way there was on the bus already. And a little spaniel was sitting under one of the seats next to me.
When we got back to Cardigan we had to wait an hour for our connection home.

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Anna the GSD said...

Whoa, what an awesome day! Beach, woods, rocks! It had it ALL!!!