Sunday, 12 October 2008

Windy Days

We have had some really windy weather just lately, it has sent Finn absolutely hyper. Here are some pictures of Finn on the beach at Aberporth, playing in the surf.

We've had a couple of magic moments in the last few weeks. One was at Newport. We had just finished a walk along the river and were about to get in the car to go to work when someone standing the other side of the bridge said 'We're watching an otter'. I quickly put Finn in the car and joined the crowd lining the side of the bridge and there not fifty yards away from us was an otter playing in the river. We must have watched for about 10 minutes while he caught a fish, then he woked his way round a bend in the bank and I went to work. Naturally I didn't have the camera with me.

The other magic moment was at Ciebwr, again we were on our way to a farm, and this time I made myself late watching a mother seal come out of the water and make her way to her cub lying motionless on the beach. As she got near the cub moved and we watched as she took it back to the waters edge. It's the first seal cub I've seen. Again I didn't have the camera but this is a picture of Ceibwr bay taken a few weeks ago

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