Sunday, 25 May 2008

Car boot sale

Well the car boot season is upon us again. I like to take Finn to our local venue to accustom him to being amongst lots of people and also to help people realise the reputation G.S.Ds have got is only deserved in the minority of cases, it's amazing the number of people who see a G.S.D. and think 'It's a wolf, I'm going to be eaten'. So with our ambassador fo the breed hat on we went to the car bootsale last Sunday. There weren't that many people, or stalls, there as it happened. A friend came with us and took the following videos of us walking round, making new friends and relaxing afterwards. Finn really loves going, it's a real social occaision for him, he really enjoys all the attention he gets . The lady in the refreshment van gave him a sausage and was impressed by how gently he took it! I think it is a vital part of a dogs training program to be exposed to as many situations as possible to enable him to become fully confidant in himself, and I take Finn everywhere I can. I'm often told he is better behaved than a lot of children, but I believe you only get back what you put in.

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