Wednesday, 29 May 2013

my new friend Simon

 I have a new friend called Simon. Here he is laying next to me on the green at Aberporth when I met him for the first time on Friday.
 He's rather cute isn't he?
It's been a bit of a traumatic year so far which is the reason I haven't been posting for a while.
First I hurt myself at a show in February on the day that Peter got very ill. He went to that rainbow in the sky the next day. Ann was devastated, but she has Simon now to look after her. It was touch and go with him when she first got him as he had parvo when she brought him home, ^but he was lucky and is fine now.
Then the house was turned upside down while we had a new kitchen, bathroom and windows fitted all at once and we couldn't even find the computer.
But hey that's all in the past now and summer's coming and I'm back! !!