Sunday, 14 June 2009

a walk to the Roundhouse

First of all I'd like to apologise to you all for not writing anything for a while,things have been happening here, but hey it's O.K. now. There's loads of pics to share with you all but I won't put them all up now instead I'll just share the walk we went on tonight.
My son, Scott and his girlfriend Laura came over this evening and took us on a walk to the roundhouse at Abercych. Finn was so excited to be going in the car, he misses my car more than me!
Along the pathway to get to the roundhouse there are various sculptures, I think this poem is lovely

Thre's a wagon made from horseshoes. Sorry about the quality of the picture, Finn always seems to move when I point the camera at him!
There's a wild boar that frightened the life out of him when he first met it, but they're great frinds now!

Inside the roundhouse. The walls have coloured bottles set into them in patterns, as it's dark inside the light shining through looks really pretty.

Scott and Finn outside the round house.